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For some reason, you may need old OpenStreetMap dump for analysis. However, the
oldest planet dump (after ODbL license change) is only provided using .osm.bz2
format and very slow to process. osm.pbf or o5m[1] formats are preferred
instead. So I converted the format and put them here for your convenience.

The source data source is from[2]
osm.pbf and o5m files are both converted using osmconvert [3]
o5m.gz is compressed using 7zip (-tgzip -mx7)


if you are interested in compression size

349121383416  planet-120912.osm (uncompressed)
 24475739942  planet-120912.osm.bz2 (original file)

 33982783081  planet-120912.o5m
 20127831060  planet-120912.o5m.zst (zstd)
 19729437545  planet-120912.o5m.bz2
 19203802705  planet-120912.o5m.gz (pigz)
 19183520432  planet-120912.o5m.gz (pigz -9)
 18937442494  planet-120912.o5m.gz (7zip -tgzip)
 18889191444  planet-120912.o5m.gz (7zip -tgzip -mx7)
 18113447332  planet-120912.o5m.zst (zstd -19 -T4)
 17963173382  planet-120912.o5m.zst (zstd --ultra -22 -T4)
 17927680062  planet-120912.osm.pbf
 16745673500  planet-120912.o5m.xz